Logistics English & Swedish
Business Shipping

  - A Language Course on the Art of Planning the Handling of Goods -

Business can be done, accomplished and handled in various ways.
So can packing, storing & transport. Whether or not we start by looking at the manufacturer,
 wholesaler, retailer or we simply focus on the consumer’s point of view, we’ll find numerous variants all along the lines of the distribution of goods.
  Logistics never was, never is and never will be, a simple subject. However, it can most definitely be an important piece of information,
as it tends to gather all vital information regarding the movement of goods, products and material, personnel or no personnel.
  Some tend to believe logistics come into the picture first at the point of rolling out the shipment. Not necessarily so.
Good logistics come into the picture usually as part of a production process, and later also becomes a key element in a good business deal.
One might even say it’s an essential part of good purchasing procedures to allow for logistics and logistics planning.


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Logistics English & Swedish



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Time, Utlandsresa & Money

[ Date 1  -  Date 2 ]

Adding Up & Doing Sums

General Business Correspondence

, Inquiries, Applications & Forms

 Descriptions & Directions
Person, Item, Place & How to get there

  Export, Offers, Quotations & Placing Orders

World Shipping & the Organization

Loading and Unloading

Tools & Means of Transport

Export & Documentation

Shipping Documents

Waybills & Fraktsedlar


Procedures  with  Export    Startsida: För studerande          Startsida: För företag

Payment & International Trade

A Glossary - A Shortcut to Proper Communication

Various glossaries (Swedish - engelska & English)  -  Olika ordlistor




Business Letter Format

Literature available:
Incoterms 2000 by ICC, 
Fiata Glossarium by FIATA,
Letters And Conversations by Birgersson,
English for International Trade by Francis Radice,
Swedes As Others See Them by Jean Phillips-Martinsson,
Svensk-engelsk affärsordbok publicerad av Natur och Kulturs ordböcker

The Dictionary of Transport And Logistics by David Lowe, The Institute of Logistics and Transport, KOGAN PAGE

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