Engelskan är ju konsekvent i detta avseende till skillnad från svenskan beträffande hantering av namn.
Söndag likväl som mars och september och Kalle och Sigrid är ju alla namn, och ska också därmed ha stor bokstav.
 Så är alltid fallet i engelskan men tyvärr icke i svenskan där man använder liten bokstav på såväl dagsnamn, helger som månadsnamn.


Gram 1 - Del 3


Man kan uttala "Sunday" och "sundae" likadant så det blir ju den s.k. kontexten, sammanhanget, som avgör betydelsen.
Som svensk kan man knappast påstå att detta skulle vara en oöverstiglig svårighet med uttryck som "Får får får?" 
eller "Som man får man utstå vad man förtjänar." samt ett därmed förknippat språkligt dilemma som "Hästen har man!"

Nog kan språk synas outgrundliga, ibland...

Now spend a few minutes on your vocabulary and
the word 'chip' (s).
Think of all the
different variations in meaning you can come up with
(translated into Swedish).
Put the word in context
(Write sentences!). Define the word in each context.
What are the various meanings of the word chip/-s you can come up with?
Use both American and British dictionaries.
Without the two you are likely to (you will) fail.
Is there such a thing
as a chipmunk (chip-muck)?
And what about a 'chip-shot',
where I've heard some people confuse it with 'cheap shot'…?
Numerable are those instances when it's been a question of trying to establish certainty
as to whether or not somebody means 'who' or 'how'.
I mean if someone asks you "How is it?" or "Who is it?" obviously might cause some confusion,
especially if you're in a hectic business environment, or even worse, at an emergency ward.

Having said that, we're getting awfully close to all those pronunciation errors
basically depending upon difficulties making a correct distinction between 'sh' and 'ch' leading to 'sheep' becoming 'cheap' or vice versa,
and 'chip' and 'ship' will further complicate the issue.

Stress of syllables not taken into consideration as in 'sheet' and 'shit.
You've probably heard about the guy who came down to the reception desk
of a hotel on the East Coast
trying to get a clean sheet to his bed.
The desk-clerk misinterpreted the whole story into the more embarrassing idea
that the guest in question had simply "shit in his bed"…
You've probably heard about ...

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The longer the password, the better!  -Längden har betydelse...
u SKA använda minst 12 tecken och mixA stoRleken samt ETT PAR  "symboltecken" typ * ^ # £ $.

Why English Teachers Are Important - A Story

This reminds me of a trip I made to Aspen many years ago.
There was a woman at work who told me before I left that she would like me to send her a postcard from there,
because she collected

This woman was in her forties at the time and was the original case of mutton dressed up as lamb.
When I got to Aspen, I found the perfect
card for her.
It read "Aspen - The weather is here, wish you were beautiful."
 After I sent it I felt a bit guilty but it was too late to do anything about it.

When I got back to Sydney this woman came up to me
and said the postcard was one of the sweetest things anyone had ever done for her.
I couldn’t figure it out until I realised that she had
read it as "The weather is here, wish you were, beautiful."

Vill du bli duktig på engelska? Studerar du nu i det svenska gymnasiet eller i högskolan?

Prova i lugn och ro de olika länkarna på den här sidan.
Här finns mycket att lära och öva, saker som du aldrig kommer att finna i "den vanliga" undervisningen.

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"What is Gramster ?

Gramster is a grammar package which helps you to improve your English using 40 grammatical points.
The software is also fully authorable.
pedagogical approach is modern and the subjects are related to the grammatical points which deal with daily life and today's citizen environment.

At the end of each level are 10 tests for reviewing and
evaluating the progress achieved.
The network version allows you to follow
your students' progress and can be used on a same site with an unlimited number of PCs!
The CD-ROMs are delivered with a study guide.
The students
can try all exercises (answers are provided).
All explanations are in
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What about other grammar aspects & parts such as adverbs?

Hur är det med skrivandet och skrivförmågan?

Vet du hur man egentligen skall skriva en mening, ett stycke, eller en hel berättelse?

A helpful review on writing Sentence Fragments for additional information
on thoughts that cannot stand by themselves and sentences known as "stylistic fragments".
 See how various types of sentences, structurally, are defined, with examples etc...

1001 Pitfalls in English Grammar

Vincent Hopper, Professor of English, N.Y. Univ

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An Advanced English Grammar

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