-"Money talks, bullshit walks"...



You have fun but you make money. Also, you can make fun of people for not making it. 
If you haven't got any money you're out of money.
 When you think you haven't got enough you're short of, low on, or simply lacking funds.
Lack of money is usually the prime reason for not making it in the business community,
and lack of initiative is the sole reason for not having any.
Money is what makes the world go round...



-"Put your money where your mouth is"...


Is this your money? -No that money is hers. I always stash my money in nice bundles
under this filing cabinet.


How much is that truck over there?

How much are those one-gallon jars apiece?

$10.45 each! You've got to be kidding.
 If I were in your shoes I'd give them away for free.

That old rig is down to $49,000 and it's an 18-wheeler Peterbilt from 1997.



Diesel is only ½ (half) the gas price this week, so you'd better gas up.

By the way, check current diesel prices in Sweden, the U.S. and the U.K.
and make sure you'll figure out the prices
both per gallon (US & Br)
 and per liter!






$ & £ Observera att dessa tecken skall stå före/framför/innan summan/siffran!


Petrol is up this month to £1.50 per gallon.


-Funny how things are. I remember when I payed (paid) more than $2.20 for a (one) pound.



A check (cheque) is always for the amount of £89,000 ...


There's always the chance of somebody trying to cash a travelers check...




When it's a matter of finance and money, just like dealing with sizes and quantities,
we talk about a large sum of money

.. it was definitely a large  amount= summa


account balance= saldo


due= förfaller (till betalning)


due day/date= förfallodag, senaste betalningsdatum


check (US), cheque (Br)


remittance= penningförsändelse, betalningsförsändelse (att skicka en check, växel e.d.)


reimbursement= ersättning för utlägg, återbetalning av gjorda utlägg (mot kvitto)



mortage= amortering


redemption of a mortgage= inlösen/slutbetalning/slutamortering av ett lån

installment plan= avbetalningsköp

installment (US), instalment (Br)= avbetalning

dp, down payment= handpenning


These are but a few of what you'll be needing within short,
so please refer to (go to!) our Logistics Glossary.




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