bruka, brukar, vanligtvis, brukade...


I don't usually like grammar, but this can be used a lot.




use  använda, begagna, utnyttja, dra fördel av, anledning/löna sig


Use your knife and fork please.  My father didn't use to smoke a pipe.

That's a used car. The two men used their younger sisters for all kinds of things.

He was known for using her goodwill. There's no use trying. What's the use?


He never used his connections in the city.
Use grease or oil and there won't be any more problem with that lock.
Using off-road tires is a must while driving a 4WD out in the woods.
You can't use a fork to clean a fish. Could I use your bathroom? 
Parking meters use/take dimes and quarters.
I could sure use a raincoat in this weather.
Use your common sense dear.
Did he use the knife?




usually (generally)  brukar, bruka, vanligtvis

used to   brukade, van vid (van vid att)


I usually get up around 5 am.
That doesn't usually present a problem to me. She usually goes by bus to work.
Suzy didn't  use to come home till  6 pm while working for Pacific Gas & Electric.
These days she usually gets here at about a quarter to four.
My brother doesn't usually miss classes.  
She usually has breakfast in bed.

He really used to annoy me a whole lot.

I used to enjoy drinking beer, but now I prefer lemonade (= formerly enjoyed). 

The new pickup is very hard to get used to (= become adjusted to).

She used to smoke cigar, didn't she?

There used to be a race-track in this area.

She used to be a lot of fun.

We usually have great fun with our motorcycles out in the woods, especially during spring and summer.


I've been used & used, time and again.

It takes a while getting used to staying up late.

Getting used to working in/on a team really pays off in the long run. Lognuts aren't the way they used to be.  Headlight bulbs never used to fail in older cars. Today bumpers are usually made of/from some sort of plastic material.

Usually there's cream in most cakes that are any good.

Tammy used to throw her clothes all over the floor before she married. Now she usually hangs them (up) in her closet/wardrobe. 

Tammy's mother used to buy her an acrylic cardigan every Christmas until they all found out those were not healthy at all to wear. 

Are these used or not?

What's the use of trying to sing better, when nobody usually listens anyway?



usually (brukar; nutid, presens av bruka)  

used to
(brukade; dåtid, imperfekt av bruka)


Vad du brukar göra hänvisar till bruk, vana, tradition, upprepad handling, tjat & gnat, fram & tillbaka, fram & tillbaka, ständigt, vardagligt, återkommande, eller att förknippa med "tilläggsord" som 'alltid' (always) eller 'aldrig' (never) etc.

Jag brukar åka bil till jobbet på fredagar (-na).  - I usually go by car on Fridays.

Vart brukar du åka på lördagkvällar (-na)?  - Where do you usually go on Saturday night (-s)?



 -In case you'd like to read more about this...

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Someone is using my head here.

-I really can't get used to these leaves!

Här visas endast några viktiga verb

(= vanlig, -t)


It's more usual nowadays with girls wearing jeans.

Smoking is a common problem these days.

Same as usual.

We stay open as usual, in spite of the tragedy.

Business as usual, rain or shine.

At the time I had felt more sick than usual (than was usual with me).




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