Du får aldrig blanda ihop   'make'   &   'do'  !

Never confuse 'make' with 'do'!

-Make a change or we'll do without you.

-I'd like to make it up to you if I can.

make=  tillverka, konstruera, skapa, göra, 
 åstadkomma, få, förmå


MEG (=Modern engelsk Grammatik, Svartvik-Sager) §§4.77, 4.85

Hargeviks Engelska Grammatik, §§167, 188

make=  tillverka, konstruera, skapa, göra,  åstadkomma, få, förmå



Se här på några egna exempel:
This motorcycle was made in Japan some ten years ago.

Do they still make cars in Sweden? 
Please make me smile again! 

She was made to do it again and again by his elderly parents.

Could you please make me a sandwich?

He made life a misery for his parents.

She really made things easy for him.

What do you make out of it?

I really can’t tell yet.
Do me a favor and allow me a few minutes to make up my mind.

He was too timid to try to make love to her. 
(attempt sexual advances)


Later they kissed and made up. (were reconciled)

If we don't really have a good time,
 let's make believe it was fun. (pretend)


The saleswoman made good on the defective merchandise she sold us. (corrected the defect either by refunding money or substituting a satisfactory product)


This power drill wasn't really satisfactory, but I'll try to make do with it.  (serve my purpose)

The four men who robbed the bank made off with nearly three million dollars.  (ran away with) 

She made up to the professor, hoping that she would pass the course. (flattered)

Could you please make my bed before noon?


Se här vad ordboken säger:

do= agera, göra (göra "i största allmänhet")

Hargeviks Engelska Grammatik, §§167, 199

MEG (=Modern engelsk Grammatik, Svartvik-Sager)
§§4.43 B & A, 4.85


Se här på några egna exempel:

He was always upset when his mother told him
 he had to do his room
before having breakfast.

He promised never to do it again.

I usually do my laundry on Friday evenings.
Saturday I'm out making friends.

The soldiers did away with their prisoners. (killed)

Thank you my dear. That will do.  
(is enough, is satisfactory)

I've eaten so much I think I can do without dessert.
 (am willing to omit)

That steak was really well done.  (thoroughly cooked)

The job was well done by the efficient secretary.
(excellently completed)

It's time for us to have done with childish toys.   (abandon)

Most missionaries are do-gooders at heart. 
(determined to help others)

Här visas också några viktiga verb

-Portions of this material was borrowed
from Merriam-Webster's!


Här visas också några viktiga verb

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