Du får aldrig blanda ihop   'make'   &   'do'  !

Never confuse 'make' with 'do'!

-Make a change or we'll do without you.

-I'd like to make it up to you if I can.

make=  tillverka, konstruera, skapa, göra, 
 åstadkomma, få, förmå


MEG (=Modern engelsk Grammatik, Svartvik-Sager) §§4.77, 4.85

Hargeviks Engelska Grammatik, §§167, 188

Se här på några egna exempel:

This motorcycle was made in Japan some ten years ago.

Do they still make cars in Sweden?  Please make me smile again! 

She was made to do it again and again by his elderly parents.

Could you please make me a sandwich?

He made life a misery for his parents.

She really made things easy for him.

What do you make out of it?

I really can’t tell yet. Do me a favor and allow me a few minutes to make up my mind.

He was too timid to try to make love to her. 
(attempt sexual advances)

Later they kissed and made up.    (were reconciled)

If we don't really have a good time, let's make believe it was fun.   (pretend)

The saleswoman made good on the defective merchandise she sold us.   (corrected the defect either by refunding money or substituting a satisfactory product)

This power drill wasn't really satisfactory, but I'll try to make do with it.   (serve my purpose)

The four men who robbed the bank made off with nearly three million dollars.    (ran away with) 

She made up to the professor, hoping that she would pass the course.   (flattered)

Could you please make my bed before noon?


Se här vad ordboken säger:

1 a obsolete : BEHAVE, ACT b : to seem to begin (an action) <made to go>

2 a : to cause to happen to or be experienced by someone <made trouble for us> b : to cause to exist, occur, or appear :
CREATE <make a disturbance> c : to favor the growth or occurrence of <haste makes waste> d : to fit, intend, or destine by or as if by creating <was made to be an actor>

3 a : to bring into being by forming, shaping, or altering material :
FASHION <make a dress> b : COMPOSE, WRITE <make verses> c : to lay out and construct <make a road>

4 : to frame or formulate in the mind <make plans>

5 : to put together from components :
CONSTITUTE <houses made of stone>

6 a : to compute or estimate to be b : to form and hold in the mind <make no doubt of it>

7 a : to assemble and set alight the materials for (a fire) b : to set in order <make beds> c :
PREPARE, FIX <make dinner> d : to shuffle (a deck of cards) in preparation for dealing

8 : to prepare (hay) by cutting, drying, and storing

9 a : to cause to be or become <made them happy> b :
APPOINT <made him bishop>

10 a :
ENACT, ESTABLISH <make laws> b : to execute in an appropriate manner <make a will> c : SET, NAME <make a price>

11 a chiefly dialect :
SHUT <the doors are made against you -- Shakespeare> b : to cause (an electric circuit) to be completed

12 a : to conclude as to the nature or meaning of something <what do you make of this development?> b : to regard as being <not the fool some make him>

13 a : to carry out (an action indicated or implied by the object) <make war> <make a speech> b : to perform with a bodily movement <make a sweeping gesture> c : to achieve by traversing <make a detour> <making the rounds>

14 a : to produce as a result of action, effort, or behavior with respect to something <make a mess of the job> <tried to make a thorough job of it> b archaic : to turn into another language by translation

15 : to cause to act in a certain way :
COMPEL <make her give it back>

16 : to cause or assure the success or prosperity of <can either make you or break you>

17 a : to amount to in significance <makes a great difference> b : to form the essential being of <clothes make the man> c : to form by an assembling of individuals <make a quorum> d : to count as <that makes the third time you've said it>

18 a : to be or be capable of being changed or fashioned into <rags make the best paper> b : to develop into <she will make a fine judge> c :

19 a :
REACH, ATTAIN -- often used with it <you'll never make it that far>; also : SURVIVE <half the cubs won't make it through their first year> b : to gain the rank of <make major> c : to gain a place on or in <make the team> <the story made the papers>

20 : to gain (as money) by working, trading, or dealing <make a living>

21 a : to act so as to win or acquire <makes friends easily> b : to score (points) in a game or sport c : to convert (a split) into a spare in bowling

22 a : to fulfill (a contract) in a card game b : to win a trick with (a card)

23 a : to include in a route or itinerary <make New York on the return trip> <make it to the party> b :
CATCH 6b <made the bus just in time>

24 : to persuade to consent to sexual intercourse :

25 : to provide the most enjoyable or satisfying experience of <meeting the star of the show really made our day>
intransitive senses



do= agera, göra (göra "i största allmänhet")

Hargeviks Engelska Grammatik, §§167, 199

MEG (=Modern engelsk Grammatik, Svartvik-Sager)
§§4.43 B & A, 4.85


Se här på några egna exempel:

He was always upset when his mother told him he had to do his room before having breakfast.

He promised never to do it again.

I usually do my laundry on Friday evenings. Saturday I'm out making friends.

The soldiers did away with their prisoners.   (killed)

Thank you my dear. That will do.  
(is enough, is satisfactory)

I've eaten so much I think I can do without dessert.
 (am willing to omit)

That steak was really well done.  (thoroughly cooked)

The job was well done by the efficient secretary.
(excellently completed)

It's time for us to have done with childish toys.   (abandon)

Most missionaries are do-gooders at heart. 
(determined to help others)


Här visas också några viktiga verb

Se här vad ordboken säger:

1 : to bring to pass : CARRY OUT

2 :
PUT -- used chiefly in do to death

3 a :
PERFORM, EXECUTE <do some work> <did his duty> b : COMMIT <crimes done deliberately>

4 a :
BRING ABOUT, EFFECT <trying to do good> <do violence> b : to give freely : PAY <do honor to her memory>

5 : to bring to an end :
FINISH -- used in the past participle <the job is finally done>

6 : to put forth :
EXERT <did her best to win the race>

7 a : to wear out especially by physical exertion :
EXHAUST <at the end of the race they were pretty well done> b British : to attack physically : BEAT; also : KILL

8 : to bring into existence :
PRODUCE <do a biography on the general>

9 -- used as a substitute verb especially to avoid repetition <if you must make such a racket, do it somewhere else>

10 a : to play the role or character of b :
MIMIC; also : to behave like <do a Houdini and disappear> c : to perform in or serve as producer of <do a play>

11 : to treat unfairly; especially :
CHEAT <did him out of his inheritance>

12 : to treat or deal with in any way typically with the sense of preparation or with that of care or attention: a (1) : to put in order :
CLEAN <was doing the kitchen> (2) : WASH <did the dishes after supper> b : to prepare for use or consumption; especially : COOK <like my steak done rare> c : SET, ARRANGE <had her hair done> d : to apply cosmetics to <wanted to do her face before the party> e : DECORATE, FURNISH <did the living room in Early American>

13 : to be engaged in the study or practice of <do science>; especially : to work at as a vocation <what to do after college>

14 a : to pass over (as distance) :
TRAVERSE b : to travel at a speed of <doing 55 on the turnpike>

15 :
TOUR <doing 12 countries in 30 days>

16 : to spend or serve out (a period of time) <did ten years in prison>

17 : to serve the needs of :
SUIT, SUFFICE <worms will do us for bait>

18 : to approve especially by custom, opinion, or propriety <you oughtn't to say a thing like that ... it's not done -- Dorothy Sayers>

19 : to treat with respect to physical comforts <did themselves well>

20 :
USE 3 <doesn't do drugs>
intransitive senses

21 : ACT, BEHAVE <do as I say>

22 a : GET ALONG, FARE <do well in school> b : to carry on business or affairs : MANAGE <we can do without your help>

23 : to take place : HAPPEN <what's doing across the street>

24 : to come to or make an end : FINISH -- used in the past participle

25 : to be active or busy <let us then be up and doing -- H. W. Longfellow>

26 : to be adequate or sufficient : SERVE <half of that will do>

27 : to be fitting : conform to custom or propriety <won't do to be late>

28 -- used as a substitute verb to avoid repetition <wanted to run and play as children do> -- used especially in British English following a modal auxiliary or perfective have <a great many people had died, or would do -- Bruce Chatwin>

29 -- used in the imperative after an imperative to add emphasis <be quiet do>
verbal auxiliary
1 a -- used with the infinitive without to to form present and past tenses in legal and parliamentary language <do hereby bequeath> and in poetry <give what she did crave -- Shakespeare>

... AND SO ON.




-Major portions of this material was borrowed
from Merriam-Webster's!




Här visas också några viktiga verb

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