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Boarding Schools in Ireland

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Irish Government Sites 

The Irish Government’s site contains information from a range of Government Departments and has links to other Irish sites including the President, the Defense Forces, and the Garda.

The Department of Foreign Affairs Internet page provides information on Ireland’s foreign policy. Material includes key documents on Northern Ireland and Anglo-Irish Relations, Facts About Ireland, reports on the Irish Aid Program, material on Ireland and the European Union.

The website of the Government Press and Information Services




The Irish Times from 4.00 a.m. each day.

The Irish Independent on the Web

Belfast’s The Irish News newspaper

The Irish Emigrant Publications news

The Examiner on the Web

The Sunday Tribune on the Web

Sunday Business Post on the Web

The Irish Voice on the Web

The Irish Echo on the Web

Irish America magazine

Mayo County

Economy and Business 
The Department of Finance homepage gives extensive material on the Irish economy.

IDA - Ireland (The Industrial Development Agency) is the State body responsible for attracting foreign investment into Ireland.

Shannon Development is the government agency responsible for enterprise and tourism development in the Shannon region.

Web site for information on publications from the Central Statistics Office.

The Irish Business and Employers Confederation’s site provides a range of information on Irish business and economic issues.

Database of many of the business organisations in Ireland.


 Ireland and Sweden

Banks and Building Societies
Irish Bank's Information Services 
Bank of Ireland Group
AIB Bank Group
Ulster Bank Group
Trustee Savings Bank (Ireland)
Educational Building Society
First National Building Society
ICS Building Society

Health Insurance
Voluntary Health Insurance
BUPA Ireland health insurance

Property and Realty Organisations
Irish Auctioneers and Valuers Institute
Institute of Professional Auctioneers and Valuers

  Job Hunting


Finding a job in Ireland isn't easy - especially as a foreigner.


Stint Ireland



Travel And Tourism

Information about the work of the Department of Tourism and Trade and the State agencies under its responsibility.

Visit Dublin: Dublin’s official tourism website.

More travel sites: Dublin & Belfast

The web site of Bord Fáilte : Irish Tourist Board


Information on how to fly to Ireland with Aer Lingus, the national airline.


 In the vicinity of Galway you'll find little winding roads that always seem to lead to beautiful, natural, eye-pleasing scenery and great rural pubs, which well serve the weary traveller. Galway Town serves as the gateway to Connemara, one of the last Irish-speaking enclaves. Galway  is famous for its trading with Spain in the 13th century.


Food, Groceries & Recipes


Entertainment Ireland 
A great site
to let you know what must be experienced on and in Ireland




Irish Books And Publications 

Irish Web Site for Irish Academic Press

Irish Literature

Boole Library, University College Cork - comprehensive information source on all aspects of the library services and collections.

Dublin City University Library

University College Galway - James Hardiman Library

University of Limerick - Library and Information Services

Waterford Institute of Technology Libraries





Irish Literature Texts - Free!

The famous Irish literature texts below are yours for the taking. It is one of our aims to promote Irish literature as much as possible and that is why we are providing this great free service.

The Importance
of being Earnest

Oscar Wilde

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The Dark Lady
of the Sonnets


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Jonathan Swift

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Fine Gifts From Ireland


The Internet Public Library at the University of Michigan is a great general index of reference materials on the web


Lucky Leprechaun's Lane - trace your roots from Ireland, look for the pot o' gold, or try the word puzzle.

Embassy in Washington  D.C.  

Wee Bit O' Fun - hunt for our leprechaun, find out why people wear green, and have a Wee Bit o' Fun!

Look for more at YAHOO! or FAST SEARCH! altavista  or infoseek or

100 hot or info highway or altavista SE or yahoo SE        Irish Search






100 Links to Irish Sites

Browse Ireland - complete guide to everything Irish.

Doras Directory

ieSearch - searched only for sites with the .ie domain.

Index Eireann - Irish search engine.

Ireland's Portal - searchable directory of Irish sites, which also offers chat, discussion groups, and more.

Ireland2go - annotated directory of Irish sites.

Irish Internet Hub

Irish Ways

Virtual Visit - Ireland page on VT - provides a collection of Irish related web sites, e-mail, and classifieds.

Lycos UK and Ireland

NiceOne - links arranged by category.

Irish local business directory &  search engine

WWW Virtual Library: Ireland


... and believe you me, the fact that there aren't many Celts left on the islands isn't a fact to argue. We all know the circumstances and will have to simply agree on the simple fact of life that a man can't do more than a man can do. If we can make things better, and improve ourselves and our environment, politics will eventually come our way one way or the other. 






Dublin Brewing Company 
For a different sort of beer


Irish Whiskey and the history - Irish Whiskey was born in the highlands of Scotland and Ireland. Through many trials and tribulations it has survived to become a very popular drink.


Irish Whiskey Merchants - - Irish whiskey merchant for Jameson, Bushmills, Midleton, Tullamore Dew, single malts, whisky, powers, paddy...


More information on Irish Whiskey






Pub List

Pub Accommodation



Irish emigration



Pubs in Dublin

Big Tree Tavern - Dublin City - generations of Dubliners, writers, raconteurs and sport enthusiasts have all identified with the Big Tree. Yet, few realise that this is one of the oldest pubs in the city of Dublin.

Definite Dublin Pub Review - Dublin City - guide to the many fine watering holes of Dublin, plus more goodies.

Dublin - Dublin City - guide to local pubs with food and traditional music. Also point to hotels and other accommodations.

Goblet, The - Dublin City - offers two lounge bars and a restaurant.

John Fallons Pub - Dublin City - traditional Irish pub in the Coombe, dating back to the early 17th century.

Johnny Fox's Pub - Glencullen

Powderbubble - Dublin City

Real Dublin Pub Guide - Dublin City - offers a guide to beer, the buzz, and the nightlife in Dublin's pubs.

Sean Doherty's Pub and Restaurant - Dublin City - sample the best of Irish hospitality, drink, food, and music. - The real guide to Dublin pubs



Dancing & Clubs in Dublin

Dublin Club Guide - Dublin City - provides club listings for all of the city's major dance venues. Updated weekly.

LoveTrain - Dublin City - 70s disco club.

Renard's Night Club - Dublin City - owned and run by Robbie Fox the man behind the Famous Pink Elephant and Lillies Bordello night-clubs.

ClubiMusic - Dublin City - live from Dublin. Get club news, music and more.

Kitchen, The - Dublin City - club in Temple Bar.










Are you planning on renting a car while in Ireland?
This may be one way to go.

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