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- St. Patrick's Day Quiz by Kjell WR –




St. Patrick's Day is celebrated to commemorate which of the following events?

It’s the day St Patrick died.

It’s the day St Patrick was born.

It’s the day St Patrick drove snakes out of Ireland.



Which one of the following do you know as the day St Patrick died?

March 17, BC 461

March 17, AD 100

March 17, AD 461


Where was St. Patrick born?





St. Patrick was the patron saint of ____.
a. England
b. United States
c. Ireland


St. Patrick's Day marks the date of St. Patrick's _____.
a. birth
b. death
c. anniversary


The shamrock has _____ leaves.
a. four
b. three
c. five


Leprechauns are little make-believe _____ that live in Ireland.
a. fairies
b. cupids
c. angels

If you catch a leprechaun, you can make him tell you where he hides his ______.
a. money
b. silver
c. gold

Leprechauns wear suits of _______.
a. blue
b. green
c. yellow


Some areas in Ireland are known to receive this many inches of rain each year,
which accounts for the brilliantly green grass that has earned Ireland the nickname the "emerald isle":

1. Sixty inches
2. Seventy inches
3. Eighty inches
4. Ninety inches


"Erin Go Bragh," a phrase heard often on St. Patrick's Day, means:

1. I Love Ireland
2. Ireland Forever
3. Brave and Free
4. Ireland, My Home



Irish tradition says that anyone who kisses the blarney stone, which is located near this town,
will be blessed with the Irish "gift of gab":

1. Dublin
2. Wexford
3. Cork
4. Waterford


This Nobel Prize-winning Irish poet and playwright
was also a senator of the Irish Free State from 1922 to 1928:

1. George Bernard Shaw
2. James Joyce
3. Jonathan Swift
4. William Butler Yeats



This film, shot in Ireland in 1952, was directed by John Ford:

    1.    Ryan's Daughter
2. The Quiet Man
3. The Dead
4. The Informer



Traditional Irish music has found an international audience with the popularity of such Celtic bands as:

1. The Chieftains
2. The Lads
3. Shannon Rovers
4. Sweet Honey in the Rock


Today, the prime minister of the Republic of Ireland is...?

    ... not   Frank McCourt, Ian Dunkirk or Bertie Ahern...
.... and NOT
Gerry Adams...



In November 1995, the people of Ireland narrowly passed a referendum legalizing:

    1.    Same-sex marriages
2. Abortion
3. Divorce
4. Marijuana


With 27,136 square miles of land, the Republic of Ireland is approximately half the size of this U.S. state:


2. California

3. Louisiana

4. Arkansas



Today, this number of Americans trace their ancestry back to Ireland:

1. Ten million
2. Twenty-five million
3. Forty million
4. Sixty-five million







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