What's goin' on here?
-You'd like information, right?


-Kanske en talgdank?



Now here are some of the most important questions worth asking

What ..?







What ..?



What if?

What's up?

What, what?

What about it?

What color is it?

What happened?

What about food?

What about work?

What's best for you?

What has happened?

What would you like?

What made you do it?

What's your problem?

What's happening here?

What's going to happen?

What's that got to do with me?

What time are we talking about?

What in the world's come over you?

What's the nicest thing anybody ever did for you?


-What a wonderful world it is...





When was that?

When did you join?

When did it happen?

When did you leave?

When did they arrive?

When were you born?

When was he/she born?

When did you hear that?

When was the last time?

When can you/they come?

When were you admitted?

When would you like to eat?

When will you pick me/us up?

When did you get back home?

When are you going to grow up?

When did you last kiss her/him?

When do they/you usually close?

When would be convenient for you? 

When did you make the appointment for? 

When was the last time anybody gave you a great big hug?


When will we meet again?



Where..?                    &                    Who..?


            -Got it?


© Swengelsk, KB ®