A Recipe

svensk leverpastej                   Swedish Liver-Pastry

A sandwich type spread delicatessen which is either boiled, or baked in oven,
from a mixture of liver, onion, butter, milk, flour, egg, lard, anchovy etc.

1½ tbsp

butter or margarine  - smör (...eller margarin)

3/4 dl

baking flour  - vetemjöl, "bakmjöl"

3½ dl


250 grams

lard, pork fat - ister, flott, fläskfett, stekflott

500 grams 

liver (from calf or young pig) - lever från kalv eller kulting

1 or 2 pieces

anchovies (2 pcs. small fish)  

1 medium size

green onion - gul lök

½ tbsp

butter  (tbsp= tablespoon) - en halv matsked smör




ground white pepper - malen vitpeppar

clove - kryddnejlika



 Melt butter ( ...or margarine) in a pan.

Add flour and pour on the milk and allow to thicken. Simmer approximately four (4) minutes.

Grind the lard (pork fat) and mix into the simmering liquid and allow to melt.

Grind liver once rough cut and once with a finer cut.
Add the anchovy during the second grinding process.

Peel onion and chop  (mince). Fry onion easy, or grind together with anchovy and liver.

Chill this mixture once the lard has melted and dissolved into the warm liquid.
Add the ground liver, onion, egg, salt and spices.

Use butter or margarine to "grease" one long and narrow oven pan.

You can use foil inside the pan instead of  butter.

Put some thin slices of pork fat in the bottom and along sides.

Pour in the mixture (batter) and cover with good oven proof aluminum foil.

Bake in water at approximately 175 degrees Centigrade for about one (1) hour.

-Wait for it to get cold, before taking it out of the pan.




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