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Nyheter - News 

en nyhet = a piece of news

...by the way, do you really know why the marsupial animal with strongly developed hindquarters and a great leaping power,
a native of Tasmania & present-day Australia, was originally named a 'kangaroo'? -It'll make you laugh for sure,
just as when you think about why 'orange' is called 'apelsin' in the Swedish language!



By the way, did you know that it was a Swede named Solander (Daniel Carlsson) who was the first to scientifically describe the kangaroo already in the 1700s. He first discovered the animal at present-day Botany Bay and made his notes once in the area of what today is Cookstown.
Solander was one of Linnés most talented students, and worked for British Museum for many years. He also participated in, and was a member of,  the Cook Expedition 1768-71.  How about that?
Look at a map and locate Cookstown and Botany Bay

Australian Bureau of Meteorology

Australian Bureau of Meteorology
The weather on australia.com is provided daily by the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (BoM),
Australia’s national authority. Weather details are indicative only.

Please check the BoM website for more up- to-date and detailed Australian weather information.


100 best things to do in Australia.

Over 10,000 words and packed with practical tips and advice

-I do think Janice says Hello.


The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission is Australia's main Indigenous agency.
 ATSIC's site is an important international resource for information on Indigenous programs, activities and issues.





  The Australian       http://www.ni.com.au/ 

Australian News




Yellow Pages OnLine
Searchable database lists more than two million Australian businesses by name, product or service type, as well as by location.

The University of Western Australia
Features community activities, a faculty listing, prospective student info, and research links. Includes a university calendar.

National Library of Australia
Details of the library, including collections and services, with links to most of the libraries in Australia.

Australia's leading telecommunications provider, offering services including cellular phone coverage, and modem/cable Internet access.



Final Word

Australian Federal Government - Go to the MSN top pick for 'Australia'

Australia Guide - Maps, sights, photos and more on Expedia.com.

MSN Australia - Headlines, business, sports and more.

Ekonomi & pengar= finances & economy & money

snabba pengar - easy money (fast buck)

Currency Converter - Calculate current exchange rates at Expedia.com.

OBS! -Is that a dollar bill or a bank note? NOTE

MONEY is - Where's the money?  - The money is gone!

Pengar: en peng eller flera pengar?  -  Pengarna är borta!

Pengar är bra att ha.  - Money always comes in handy.

"En peng" is a lot like a single coin, where of course the 'coin' equals 'ett mynt'.

Now "en peng" could also be a single bill (=money/dollar) or a bank-note...

Taxation in Australia     OZ Tax

Australian Stock Exchange-Glossary


1.00 Australian dollars = 5.11 Swedish kronor
Exchange rate: 5.108084
Rate valid as of: 8/27/2002




Sanford Securities



Utbildning - Education & Skolor - Schools

Education Department Of Western Australia Home Page

NTDE Directory Online - Home Page
Home page of the Northern Territory Department of Education 

SCHOOLS Directory


Education : Universities, Architecture Programs, Australian Studies, Libraries




Search The University of Melbourne
Search the University of Melbourne

The University of Melbourne

The University of Sydney: Faculty of Education

University of Wollongong


Steiner Schools in Australia
Resource includes a directory of Waldorf schools in this country, details on teacher vacancies and training programs, and related links.

Cake Decorating Schools of Australia
Australia's largest supplier of cake decorating supplies provides this page detailing services, location details, and products

Cooking Schools - Australia
Features three of Australia's finest schools including The Schoolhouse, The Sydney Seafood School, and Simon Johnson - Talk Eat Drink.

Floral Art School of Australia
Explore the correspondence courses as well as day and evening classes. Describes floristry as a career and flower arranging as a hobby.

Australian Schools

Australian Independent Schools

Australian High

Australian High School Student



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Australian wines & winemaking



Motorcycling, Australia



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